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Buffalo River, Arkansas

Work-Life Workshops

Balancing personal life choices with career aspirations can be difficult. This is particularly true for women and individuals from marginalized groups in STEM who experience more barriers to career success. We established a workshop series to shed light on these barriers and help provide guidance to students and faculty on navigating and tearing down them down. Invited hosts discuss topics related to these problems and offer solutions. Previous speakers have discussed co-authorship gender bias and the attrition of women in STEM academia.

Summer Research Fellowships for UAPB students

In collaboration with UA Pine Bluff, a primarily undergraduate institution and HBCU in southeast Arkansas, we are hosting 2 new students each year to participate in summer research in the DuRant lab. Each student will be partnered with a PhD student and postdoc who will serve as mentors, guiding students through writing an NSF GRFP research statement, designing an experiment, and presenting their results at a national conference. Students are encouraged to participate for two consecutive years to become best prepared for graduate or professional school. Summer fellows will receive a stipend and housing. Find out more here. You can apply by sending your CV and contact information to


You can read about my experience trying to pursue my personal and professional goals here.

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